Does Virgin America fly to Hawaii?

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to flying to Hawaii. But your best bet is Virgin America. Virgin America is a fun way of reaching Hawaii

Virgin America Fare Sale: A Good Deal?

  • Virgin America is offering a fare sale for its new Hawaii flights as a part of its fare sale.
  • The lowest prices are available from Monday till Thursday.
  • Hundred and ninety-nine dollars is the price for each way in the Main Cabin.

How to Upgrade to Virgin America First Class?

The cost to upgrade an SFO flight to Hawaii on Virgin America First Class would be three ninety-nine dollars each way from the Main Cabin and is possible only six hours before departure.

Recommended reasons for travelers to choose virgin America to Hawaii

Power at Every Seat

  • Virgin America is one of those airlines which would not let its passengers let down only because of a minor issue like power ports. The airline would not disappoint you. You can charge your gadgets while doing some important work.
  • On-Demand Ordering
  • This exclusive feature of Virgin America lets you book your favorite meal or a beverage at your seating place itself. So, you would not need to wait for the irritating space-eating food carts to arrive at your seat with the help of a flight crew.
  • With a press of a button, all you need to do is order your favorite mouth-watering snack or an alcoholic drink and pay for them with a swipe of the card.

True Three Class Service

  • The only airline in North America to have three classes of services. The First class, Main Cabin Select and Main Cabin. Basically, Main Cabin select is another form of Economy class with spacious legroom, while the Main Cabin Select offers you limitless free snacks and beverages inclusive of hard drinks. Last but not least, the First Class offers extensive meal servicing, inclusive of the cocktails specially catered to Hawaiian flights. Its passengers can upgrade for free without paying a buck to the Main Cabin.

Virgin America is launching nonstop flights to Hawaii

  • In order to expand its customer base among the tourist goers, Virgin America is introducing non-stop flights from its base San Francisco SFO to Hawaii, as per its latest communique to the media. The new flights schedule is from November second, Twenty Fifteen to Honolulu HNL, while the other flight to Maui Kahului OGG is from December third, Twenty Fifteen.

Virgin America Flights to Honolulu HNL

  • The timings have been kept to suit the needs of passengers, as per the general point of view.
  • The departure time from San Francisco SFO to Honolulu HNL is seven forty-five in the morning. While the arrival time is eleven twenty-five, an approximate four and a half hour flight at a daily frequency.
  • The round trip from Honolulu to SFO departure time is twelve fifty-five pm and lands at SFO at fifty-five past eight in the night again at a daily frequency.

Virgin America Flights to Maui OGG

  • Virgin America departs from San Francisco at seven fifty-five in the morning and lands at Maui OGG at eleven forty am. The flight operates three times a week on Tuesdays and the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Departs from OGG at one fifteen pm and arrives SFO at eight-fifteen pm. The flight operates on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Departs SFO at six zero six pm and lands at OGG at nine fifty pm. The flight runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Departs OGG at eleven twenty pm and arrives SFO at sex twenty-five am the next day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Therefore this is the schedule of Virgin America flights to Hawaii.

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