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Ans: When you book your flight ticket, you enter the contact details like phone number and email to get confirmation of your booked flight ticket. So, if you have received any confirmation for booked flight tickets, you can get to know your booking quickly.

Ans: If you want to book your hotel ticket using a phone call, you will not be charged for any penny.

Ans:When you don’t receive any ticket after the booking, you can contact a customer representative and share details for the booking and get a ticket instantly.

Ans: E-ticket is an electronic ticket that you get online from your email or application that you have used for the booking. Get the E-ticket immediately after the hotel or flight booking on its app that you have used for the booking.

Ans: When you get the confirmation e-mail, you find all the information including terminal, flight number, seat number and time of departure.

Ans: You can simply transfer your ticket to someone’s name by informing them of the name change. You can send a request to transfer the ticket by calling or using an email service perfectly. Get the confirmation for the new guest with the contact information and book a new ticket in someone else’s name easily.

Ans: When you travel with a new borne baby called an infant from birth to about two months of age, you can travel at no cost. If you are traveling with a one-year-old infant can be called the child. So, a baby can refer to any child from birth to age four.

Ans: You can find your reconfirmation, and you can either call a customer agent of the airline or check the email for the reconfirmation message for hotel status within 72 hours quickly.

Ans: When you need to receive a flight ticket from the ticket counter at the airport, must have Driving License, Passport, etc. You must have a printout of your booking confirmation and show the payment details from which you have booked your flight ticket.

Ans: When you book your flight ticket and want to pay, you get the payment methods to complete the payment securely. If you wish to know the payment methods you use for charging your booked flight ticket, go through the list below.

  • Payment with Credit/Debit card.
  • Select the Bank transfer.
  • You will get the cash payment from the office or Bank.
  • Get the E-pay link for the Card payment,
  • You have to pay the 3% Surcharge for all Credit card Payments.
  • If you use a Debit card Payment, don't pay any extra surcharge.

Ans: When you order your meal at the hotel or restaurant, you get the confirmation on your contact details like email or phone number. Likewise, if you want to know the meal charge for your meal preferences at the time of booking, check your email easily.

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