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Smartcatches have been designed solely to serve our users by providing the best, most flexible services. Services associated with traveling and flight services are provided at the best, most affordable rates because our primary objective has always been considered to make the trip of our travelers or passengers budget-effective.

When one searches about the agency, always look for flexibility in services. Hence, we always strive our best to serve our policies as easy-to-use. However, one must keep in mind that, along with flexibility, we also have some restrictions in the form of some terms and conditions that one always adheres to. By using all of our services, you abide to follow these terms and conditions, which you will find out in further discussion.
Crucial Smartcatches General Notice:
We are neither involved with any third party nor function on any other principles. Considering the same fact, we bring to your notice that different services, for example, tour operators, cruise lines, travel assistant providers, etc., are there to make your trip or journey with us remarkable. One must be aware of the points that the rates that are highlighted on our website must be acknowledged. The rates may differ, as these are based on certain taxes, service charges, etc. It denotes that our website is affiliated with other service providers, and rates are accordingly.

Find the changes and agree:
We strive to display accurate content on our website. However, we are not responsible for a failure, inaccuracy, price variations, etc., on the website. To add an extended point, the prices may differ timely and considering the same fact, you will find an absence of surety of a fixed fee for our services. Including this, there are also some service charges, additional taxes, fines, etc., that the agencies charge. So, it is suggested to be aware of all the taxes imposed by the agency.

An essential aspect of it is related to the currency conversion rates, there are some points you need to remember, and those are written below:
  • Real-time rates or current rates are not applied during currency conversion.
  • You may find the difference in the actual amount as these are done based on your region's current currency rates.
  • Yet, we assure to deliver the best services to our users or travelers so they find no such difficulty.
Price Drop Assurance rules:
Our website is solely dedicated to serving our users or travelers, and with this same fact, we provide you the price drop services. The meaning of this is you will be given an opportunity to rebook your services at the current or dropped price rate. This will, by and large, contribute to making your trip cost-effective and budget-friendly.

  • The aspect one has to remember is that these terms and conditions or changing a flight at low-cost allowance is based on the availability of the flight along with the offering of this concerned offer.
  • You must jot down that this offer does not apply to every online and offline mode itinerary. And if you find some confusion on this, you must get to the executive of our website to consult in detail about the same.
Flight services:
It becomes necessary to be aware that to be able to utilize the service services offered by us, you are responsible for giving all the essential and accurate data. However, further information on the same you can find in the illustrated points through which you will find an appropriate idea:

  • Any inappropriate information provided to book a flight may end up landing you in legal procedures.
  • You have to keep all the information you provide to us confidential. If any loss, threat, etc., occurs with respect to your data, we are not responsible.
  • We also take the authority to use your data to reformat, use, distribute, copy, etc., once you give all your basic details to avail of services. (we are required to provide all the necessary ticket details in one place so a passenger does not go through any difficulty).
  • Suppose there are any modifications in the flight, for example. Flight timings, date, etc., the main operator or agency will solely be responsible for it. So, kindly cooperate; in this case, you must get to the operator of our website who will look after you.
Use of our website:
  • If you wish to make any changes to your details, you must make it on our official website.
  • All information provided to avail of services should not be false and must be authentic.
  • You will be held responsible for loss, damage, etc., to your data.
  • You will have to submit the agreement by verifying your age limit. Because post then, you will have to accept some terms and conditions that are obligatory.
  • You must keep all your essential details confidential.
  • You are recommended to immediately make modifications to your account if any unauthorized activity occurs. This may prevent any mishap.
  • You will have to accept all the laws that are considered legal in the US or your regional state.
  • Only you will be responsible for giving your essential data through our website, which is taken by any other installed software in your divide or system.
Intellectual property rights:
Along with our affiliated services-providers, we hold copyrights over all the trademarks, service marks, software, texts, images, etc. However, it excludes every user's data. You are prohibited from using our texts, images, content, etc., to use it for your commercial, business, or personal uses. You can be landed into a legal procedure if you are found using our sources in a printed manner. These prints must carry our trademarks, proprietary rights, copyrights, etc., which are readily available on our official website.

In case of any trouble, you must get to the team on our website, who will guide you in every possible way; however, legal procedures can take place if the content is used arbitrarily.
Changes to the terms of use:
Any substitute to the terms and conditions or rules is solely based on our discretion. However, we always try to deliver the best services to our users. These modifications are effective immediately after a change, and there is an obligation that everyone has to adhere to all the terms as determined by us. So, you must know all the changes made in our terms and conditions.

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