What days are the cheapest to fly in December?

Christmas and Thanksgiving are the two major festivals of the winter times. Many of us want to celebrate these festivals with our family or grandparents. Do Christmas flights get cheaper? If you are looking for a time when you can buy a cheap ticket for these festivals, this article will help you.

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If you see the entire booking record of the people, most of the travelers like to book their flight on Wednesdays. Due to this, it gets difficult to buy a cheap flight just before Thanksgiving day. That's why you can consider the points given below to book a cheap flight during Thanksgiving.

  • The cheapest day to book your flight for Thanksgiving is Thursday.
  • If you want to book a round trip for Thanksgiving, you can choose the Wednesday- Saturday slot for the trip.
  • If you choose the Wednesday - Sunday trip, you may have to pay more than the average price of the trip.
  • If you reside near the vacation destination, you can save lots while booking the round trip for Thursday- Friday.
  • You can choose the earliest flight on Thursday and the last flight on Friday to make your vacation worth the money.
  • On average, if you book your tickets on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and return on Friday with a round trip, you can get a cheap flight for Thanksgiving.

What are the cheapest days to fly for Christmas?

If you are planning for the Christmas getaway, you must be thinking about does Christmas flights get cheaper. In response to that, we will say that you can book a cheap flight during Christmas if you make the reservations smartly. Most people like to book their flight between December 21-23. 

So, the airlines increase the ticket price seeing the crow. But if you purchase the ticket on Christmas or Christmas eve, you can book the tickets at a very low price. Moreover, if you are booking a round trip, the cheapest dates and days to book the flight lie between December 24-28 or December 25-29. Try to avoid booking the entire Christmas week or between December 21-29 for the round trip as it will shake your budget.

What is the best time to book a flight for Christmas and Thanksgiving?

Being an early bird is always beneficial if you want a cheap flight. Hence, the best time to book your Christmas or Thanksgiving flights would be September first week. You can also consider booking the tickets from Halloween to mid-November. After that, you may need to pay extra for the same bookings.

So, these are some basic tips and guidance you can follow to save your money while booking around vacations. Here, we can answer your question: do christmas flights get cheaper closer to the date with a yes if you make the bookings carefully. You can also contact the customer support of the respective airline to get some deals for your trip.

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