Get to know TAR Aerolineas Baggage Policy?

Baggage Policies are also known as the baggage allowance or restrictions on baggage per person per flight imposed by various airlines around the world. This essentially means the amount of baggage one person can carry, including check-in and cabin bags. If you are due to travel with Tar Airlines and want to know about the baggage policies it follows, then the following lines can help you.

What is TAR Aerolineas Baggage Policy?

Purchase additional baggage allowance online. so follow below to know more 

  • The basic baggage policies allow passengers to carry up to 23 Kg of check-in baggage and up to 10 Kg of a carry-on bag. If you need to purchase additional Tar Airlines baggage, note that the airline will allow you to purchase up to 4 pieces of additional baggage in advance. You can make this purchase up to 3 hours before the departure.  
  • How does it work?
  • To purchase the additional baggage allowance, use the additional baggage link visible after booking completion. Click any of the 'Additional Baggage' links visible at the bottom. You may also use the 'My Booking' section on the web page.
  • After you open the link, enter the reservation code you received after booking and the last name you used during the registration and booking.
  • While using the booking management tool, select the ''Improve your flight experience'' or the ''Additional Baggage'' button placed at the bottom of the screen. While using this method, you can select the number of additional baggage you need and assign them to specific passengers. This tool will also allow you to view the total cost of the purchase before you proceed further(inclusive of tax).
  • Next, you will pay the required amount and complete the purchase.

Important :

As per the TAR Aerolineas baggage policy, every additional baggage purchase is non-refundable.

  • This purchase does not cover baggage under the overweight, special or oversized baggage category. You need to pay the required fee for these pieces of baggage.
  • Purchase of additional baggage does not contribute towards miles points.
  • If you are a member of Aerolíneas Plus Gold, Platinum or Diamond, SkyTeam Elite, or Elite Plus, and your ticket fare does not include baggage allowance, you may use this service to get one free baggage check-in. For this case, the maximum number of baggage allowed per person is 3. This action will be based on the baggage allowed for a specific route and cabin as per the baggage policies.
  • If your ticket is an awards ticket and was issued through the Aerolíneas Plus miles redemption, you will be allowed to purchase up to 4 extra baggage for the cost of additional baggage. This rule is applicable only if your fare does not cover baggage allowance.


  • For flights within Argentina & between Argentina and Chile, baggage must be cleared by cargo if it exceeds 23Kg.
  • Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay come under South American Routes.


  • As per the Tar Airlines baggage policy, if your ticket comes under Promotional fare(exclusive of baggage allowance), you need to purchase additional baggage.
  • For fares containing one or more baggage allowances, additional baggage charges apply.
  • For flights departing from Europe, payment should be in Euros, and for South American destinations, in USD.

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