How do I talk to a real person at KLM?

KLM Royal Dutch airline is a flag carrier of the Netherlands, assisting its passengers worldwide. The airline ensures to take care of your needs and interest; hence, it keeps in touch with you 24/7 via several contact mediums. You can contact KLM customer service anytime, whether you need to make a new booking or ask a general question. However, there are several modes of communication to contact KLM; you can always call the airline for immediate assistance.

How do I speak to a KLM representative?

To speak to a live person at KLM.Dial 1 (800) 618-0104 to speak to a live customer service, available 24/7

  • Dial KLM phone number 1(800)618 0104 or 1(802)902-2009(less waiting time).
  • Now, choose language on IVR.
  • Next,press 1 For existing reservations.
  • Then,press 5 For share your concern to your query.
  • Now ,press * and speak "customer service" or "speak to someone at KLM Airlines"

What is the KLM customer service number? (800) 618-0104

If you need to 1-802-610-2009(less waiting time) speak to a live person at KLM for any of your travel-related queries or complaint, available from 8 PM to 12 PM EST on Monday to Sunday. 

  • Press 1 to suitable language.
  • Press 2 to know to book, and refund information.
  • Press 3 to the current or previous booking.
  • Press 5 to have queries or complaints or feedback.
  • Press 7 to again listen to the menu.
  • Press 9 wait for fewer seconds and will connect to a live person. If somehow unable to get contacted
  • Press * and speak to a KLM representative and stay online.

How do I contact KLM by phone? 

You can contact KLM representatives via phone call, chat, email, social media, etc.; these options are available on the  Visit KLM Airlines official website  of the airline. Here is the detailed procedure of all the customer support options you can go through to stay updated.

Via Phone call:

It is the quickest way to contact a KLM representative. You can call the airline time whenever you need instant help. Check out the calling procedure below for your reference.

  • First, head to the homepage of KLM online using any standard browser
  • Go to the 'All contact us link' at the bottom under section all 'Contact us
  • Now you get to see the three sections Topic, Request, and solutions
  • Select the topic you need help with, and provide the query you want to request for
  • Now you need to pick the phone number section from the solutions
  • Dial the number on your mobile and press one for the English language
  • Now say 'continue without that' or press the start button

However, you don't need to worry if you wish to share any complaints, requests, etc. You can also send an email to the airline in that case.

 Via Email :

  • If you need to share any complaints, feedback, concern, compliment, etc., you can opt for the email support options. Using the official email address of KM online, you can send your email to the airline 24/7.
  • Open your email account and click on compose or create a new email button
  • Meanwhile, you need to visit the support page of KLM and copy the email address from there
  • Enter the email address and write down your query  
  • Once done, you can click on the Send button to share your email
  • The support team reviews your email and responds to you within 24 hour
  • Although sending email is quite a lengthy process, it's very reliable.
  • To get a prompt reply, mention the confirmation number and details more clearly.

Connect via live chat:

  • It is another option Does KLM airlines have a live chat? The answer is Yes which connects you to the KLM representative in a few minutes. You can use the chat option to take help from the airline anytime.
  • Go to the homepage of KLM and locate the contact us page
  • On the customer support page, you need to find out the live chat option; click on it
  • A chat box opens up in front of you, where you can type the message
  • You can select the most similar query from the message box, and if none of the options suits you, type live agent
  • Answer a few questions, and soon you will get connected with the live agent

Apart from the live chat option on the support page, you can also chat with the airline using its social media networks. Here you can read out further information below to avoid any confusion.

Via Social Media:

The airline is also available on social media networks like

To connect to KLM airline on its social media page, follow the procedure below.

  • Go to the support page of the airline, and locate the social media links
  • You can click on the link and login into your account
  • Now follow the social media page of the airline
  • You can send a direct message now or share your comments with the timeline to get instant help.

Can I call KLM on WhatsApp?

Whenever you need immediate assistance, you can call the KLM airlines phone number directly and speak to the live agent. Besides, you can also opt for WhatsApp messaging options to save time and energy.

You can call at KLM WhatsApp contact number 31206490787 having contact is  and send a message If won't be able to connect via phone, via email.

  • The officials are available online to share any message via chat and will get revert back.
  • Follow the quick information below if you wish to contact the KLM representative on WhatsApp.
  • Firstly open the official website of KLM Airlines using any of your favorite web browsers.
  • You can then find the "Help and Support" section on the homepage and below you find the "Contact-us" section.
  • Then go to the KLM airlines phone number section, and the system displays the list of available phone numbers.
  • Choose the Whats App contact number 31206490787 with the Whats App icon.
  • You can then use the number to chat or call the airline.
  • You can, in this way, get a hold of KLM airline and get assistance from them.
  • The support team at KLM is always active and available 24/7 to take care of your needs and requirements.

How do I get through to KLM? – Know Frequently Asked Questions from Traveller     

How do I contact KLM customer service?

  • You can contact KLM customer service through a phone call at 1 (800) 618-0104 or 1 (802) 610-2009, which is available 24 hours and seven days. You will directly connect with the live airline person. How long does it take for KLM to answer? The KLM airline personnel will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour to respond. Keep patience; you will get the answer to your question.

In which languages can I receive flight information via Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat?

  • You can receive the necessary flight information in different languages ( English, dutch, german, Spanish, Italian, etc.). And if you are contacting through, we chat, then the airline introduces two languages ( English and simplified Chinese)

Will I receive my booking confirmation, flight status updates, and boarding pass for all my future flights at opt-in once?

  • Yes, you can receive the flight information for specific flights, but for future flights, you need to recheck opt-in boxes yourself.

How can I get through messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat?

  • You need to visit the page of KLM.
  • Then move to the 'get started' section and read the instructions for messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat.
  • Now you can select any channels on your preferred phone and start chatting about your issue.

What type of messages do I receive if I go for Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat?

  • Once you have redirected to any of the channels, Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat, you will receive KLM offers and deals on messenger other than booking confirmation and check-in reminders. You can also receive the notification of gate change delay or cancellation.
  • Other than that, if you have WhatsApp, you also get the notification related to family invitation updates immediately after receiving the boarding pass.

Which type of data do KLM shares with Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat to provide flight information?

  • Suppose you get connected with Messenger, Whatsapp, and WeChat. In that case, KLM will send you the information related to flight status updates and details on the boarding pass, including name, flight details, ticket price, and booking confirmation notification. Other than this, the airline does not share anything else as KLM respects everyone's privacy.

How do I talk to KLM on Google Assistant?

  • You need to give the command "Talk to KLM' on Google Assistant, or you can say Hi 'let me talk to the KLM. " After this, the assistant will redirect you to the KLM page, where you can retrieve the contact details of the airline.

In what languages can you talk to KLM with the Google assistant?

  • Right now, the airline provides Google assistant in two different languages, Dutch and English.

Does KLM share its data with Google?

  • Google will not share the data like location, traveling date, and time with Google. The data which are shared between Google and KLM are encrypted all the time so that no one could steal it in between sharing of information.

How fast can I expect an answer?

  • The airline customer service can resolve your query promptly 24 hours in seven days with full enthusiasm.

What social media platform can I use to contact KLM?

  • You can use different social media options, such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, etc., to get in touch with KLM Airlines.

KLM airline answers questions on social media in which languages?

  • You can ask your question freely to the airline in any language, and the airline personnel will answer you in the same language as the airline has ten different languages expert: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

How much time does KLM Whatsapp take?

  • The airline provides a WhatsApp option with the help of which you can get in touch with KLM customer service personnel. But How long does KLM Whatsapp take? KLM has promised to respond to their customers within 1 hour through WhatsApp service.

Using the options above and the KLM customer service phone number, you can connect with KLM representatives anytime. If you still need any help or assistance, you can log in to your KLM account online and get personalized support.

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