How do I avail Mas Air Web check-in and baggage policy for safely trip

Are you traveling on Mas Air? Well, check-in and baggage policy is always a question travelers search for. Today, we have come up with some top web check-in and baggage policy-related questions that you may struggle with. Mas air web check-in is one of the simplest and quickest ways to check in online and get your boarding pass. Regarding baggage, passengers on Mas Air can bring one carbon baggage, one personal item, or a small backpack onboard.

Frequently Asked Question on Mas Air Web check-in and boarding pass

Q1 Does Mas Air allow web check-in?

  • Yes, Mas air does allow web check-in for all its flights.

Q2 Can you check-in online for Mas Air?

Yes, You can web check-in online for your Mas air flight 24 hours of the scheduled departure, and the ending should be 60 minutes before. Below given are some Mas air check-in options for your reference.

  • Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • Mas Air Mobile Check-in
  • Kiosk check-in at the airport
  • Mas Air counter check-in at the airport
  • By calling customer care

Q3 Do I need to check-in for my Mas Air flight?

Yes, you need to check for your Mas Air flights. Check-in starts 24 hours before the departure and ends 60 minutes before the departure. The time for Mas Air check-in, baggage check, and boarding might vary based on the departure airport and the destination.

You can get detailed information by visiting the official website of Mas Air.

Q4 How do I print my boarding pass for Mas Air

  • You need to open any regular browser and then go to the Mas Air website
  • Now click on the option that says 'Check-in.'
  • Enter your confirmation number and then your last name
  • After you complete check-in, you get the option to print your boarding pass

Q5 Can I pay bag fees with the Mas Air online web check-in?

  • Yes, you can pay online by visiting You get to see the option to add your extra bag under the section 'Manage Booking. Using the add extra bag option, you can determine how much weight is allowed in Mas air flight and then pay for the extra

Q6 When do I need to be at the Mas Air boarding gate?

  • Following are the closing times for Mas air boarding gate
  • For US domestic Mas Air flights, board 15 minutes before the departure
  • For an international Mas Air flight to/from the US, board 30 minutes before the departure
  • For some non-US airports, the boarding gate closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • Get to know Mas Air baggage policy and allowance

Q7 What is Mas Air' checked baggage/hold luggage policy?

  • Here are the Mas Air checked baggage/Hold luggage policy details.
  • Two standard bags, up to 10 bags maximum( Up To 4 bags on the Mas Air connection
  • The maximum dimension should be 62 inches or 157 cm; length + width + height.
  • The maximum weight should be 50 pounds or 23 kg.

Excess baggage fee

  • Mas Air flights cost around $ 85 to $ 95 per bag for checking excess baggage.

Overweight baggage fees

  • As per Mas Air baggage policy, any bag weighing more than 50lbs is considered overweight and oversized bags. Mas Air charges a fee for checking overweight baggage in addition to any standard, excess, or oversized baggage fee. Mas Air won't accept bags weighing more than 99 lbs as checked luggage.

Oversized baggage fees

  • Bags with a sum of length and height, weight, if larger than 62 inches, are considered 62 inches. Mas Air charges an oversized baggage fee in addition to the standard, excess, or overweight fee.

Q8. Are there fees for baggage on Mas Air?

  • Yes, Mas Air may charge a fee for baggage. It is determined by fare type, destination, in case of an active CDMX military personal and or dependent,etc.

If you have any queries contact to Mas Air customer service team

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