if my flight is cancelled do i get a refund

If you are flying for the first time and suddenly find that your flight is disrupted. In this condition, the person gets the refund, but many flyers got confused about whether they should go for the refund and compensation or just for the refund. If you are in the same place, you should know the difference and get compensation with a refund.

 Is my flight eligible for a refund-Know complete about refunded Money

What is Flight Refund and Compensation in flight cancellation?

  • When your flight is delayed by 5 hours, and you have not received any information about it, you can get a refund after the cancellation.
  • If the new flight does not serve your purpose, you can ask for a refund from the airline.
  • To know about the compensation, you can read further.
  • You can get the refund with compensation when the airlines let you know about the flight cancellation 14 days before the departure.
  • The compensation is allowed based on the flight fly time.
  • In case of any involuntary action, the person can ask for compensation.
  • What is Flight Delay Refund?
  • If your flight is delayed by 5 hours, then you can get a refund from the airline. And if you are at the airport, then you can get the compensation.

For any technical glitch or poor weather, the airlines provide refunds only but only those who carry refundable tickets. If you are a flyer program member, you can get the full refund, along with the voucher.

What can I do to get refund for cancelled flight?

  • Go to the official website of airlines
  • Next, click on the refund section
  • Here you need to mention the ticket’s information
  • Then you have to fill the form with some necessary details and submit it
  • Based on the payment mode, you will get a refund from airlines in a particular period.
  • Can you get a refund if the flight is delayed?
  • Yes, you can get a refund even the flight is delayed but only when you meet the below-mentioned points.
  • If the flight or airlines do not inform you in advance, then you can get a refund.
  • Once they cross the threshold period, it is up to you that you want to cancel the flight or continue it.

With this write up, you must get the answer to Is my flight eligible for refund or not. There is a different situation, and if you have any queries, you can connect with a support person of airlines.

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