How to opt JetBlue airlines same-day and standby policy in COVID-19 pandemic

If you're interested in learning about JetBlue's same-day switch and standby policy owing to COVID pandemic, you can find the most relevant information below.

What is JetBlue same-day change policy in COVID-19 pandemic?

Passengers on JetBlue Airlines can request a confirmed same-day switch with no price difference for a fixed charge of $75. A person can request opt for JetBlue same-day change policy only the day of departure, starting at midnight in the local time of their flying city. Only passengers flying to cities with multiple flights per day can use the same-day switch option.

Know the JetBlue same day flight change policy switch details

  • All fare choices are eligible for a same-day switch owing to the COVID pandemic.
  • The same day as the original scheduled flight, a traveller might change to an earlier flight or a later flight.
  • As part of the same-day switch policy, a passenger can fly between same city pairs or, when allowed, in and out of neighbouring airports.
  • A traveller can make a same-day exchange starting at midnight as per standard time of their departure journey, but only on same calendar day as initially scheduled trip.
  • Mosaic travellers do not have to pay a same-day switch charge and also can change their trip up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • A same-day switch charge is not required for passengers with refundable tickets.
  • According to JetBlue Airlines same-day policy, changes are available on TrueBlue redemption reservations.
  • Depending on conditions and fulfilling the minimum connection timings, interline bookings could be considered for same-day changes. The only way to make same-day changes to interline tickets is to contact JetBlue Airlines directly.

What is JetBlue Standby policy in COVID-19 Outbreak?

Standby travel on a JetBlue flight is subject to seat availability, also isn't guaranteed, and may incur an extra $75 charge depending on fare type, with no cost difference. Passengers should have booked a JetBlue flight in order to fly standby. According to JetBlue Airlines standby policy, a passenger may list standby on just about any sold-out flight among the same locations on same calendar day as their confirmed flight departure.

Know the JetBlue standby policy details

  • For all JetBlue flight tickets excluding Blue Extra, a passenger can list a standby for a $75 fee to list standby. If a passenger's flight is not confirmed for the standby travel, JetBlue refunds the fee.
  • A passenger register for standby only at the airport before to their originally scheduled flight, as it is not possible to do so online or by phone.
  • A passenger can travel between same cities, which include booking a nonstop trip and then flying standby on the connecting flights, and vice versa, provided the origin and the destination cities are the same.
  • If a passenger has an Even More® seat & chooses to go standby, the seat price will be forfeited, but no refund will be given.
  • Passengers travelling to cities with numerous flights can only travel standby on same day; however, for cities with just one flight per day, it is not permitted.
  • Passengers on the Mint® club can fly standby, but the Mint seat is not guaranteed. If a basic seat is given, the $75 charge will applied, and there would be no refund of the Mint experience.
  • Just one passenger per booking should go to airport for requesting standby. To check in, though, each person must be there.
  • A fee will not be charged to Mosaic travellers or passengers who have purchased a refundable ticket to list standby.

If you require any more information about a standby or same-day policy, please contact JetBlue Airlines customer service.

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