How do I text on a United flight?

You can contact united airlines customer service through text messaging and receive the information related to united flights. To use the text messaging feature, you need to follow some terms and conditions, which are mentioned below:

Recommended guide to know How can I text united airlines for all queries

  1. Flight status notification service:
  • In this, you will receive flight updates and reminders once you travel with united airlines. They will send you reminders of upcoming travel and check-in.
  • Opt-in: To opt for the flight status notification, you need to add the mobile phone number at the time of booking or open the profile settings of the United website.
  • Opt-out: Once you are opt-in for the notification, you can also stop the service by calling the customer service or at the mobile app. You can also send a help message from your mobile to the united reservation team.
  1. Flight reminders:
  • You can send your flight details to anyone who uses SMS-enabled mobile phones. You can get access to this service at the united mobile app or the flight reminder option available at the united website.
  • Opt-in: You can activate opt in-flight reminder option at the united app and provide your phone number over there. You will receive the confirmation message at your registered phone number.
  • Opt-out: If you don’t want united to provide flight reminders, you can give a stop message to them or call on the reservation phone number. They will take action immediately and stop the services.
  1. Text message troubleshooting:
  • If you did not get any text message at your phone number from united airlines, you must check that text message options are enabled on your device. If you still don’t get the text message, you can contact the united reservation team. You can ask them How can I text united airlines, and they will provide you with all the relevant details.

To get the phone number, you need to open the united contact section.

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