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How Do I Speak To a Aer Lingus Airline Representative?

Do you need help with your flight bookings? Here are some of the best ways that one can stick to in order to get instant help and assistance with their flight reservations made at Aer Lingus.If you are having reservation issues, you can communicate with the reservations department and any other department for that matter to get help from the team of experts. Let us consider how to get instant solutions and assistance for your Aer Lingus flight booking.

How do I talk to someone at Aer Lingus?  

Via phone call:

Phone the customer service team at Aer Lingus is one of the best options available to passengers having a flight reservation.

Here is what one can do in order to connect with someone at Aer Lingus using the hotline number that are country-specific and are as follows:

Ireland (01) 761 7834
United Kingdom 0333 004 5000
USA (516) 622-4222

First and foremost, people need to visit the official website to access the multiple contact options on the page.

  • Next, people need to select the contact us option on the page to get in touch with the customer service expert at Aer Lingus.
  • Dial the customer service number and you will hear a number of prompts on the call delivered by an automated voice system.
  • Enter an apt IVR command to get specific service from the customer service team at Aer Lingus.
  • A professional from the team will join the call instantly to offer the right guidance and help to consumers.

There may be a short waiting time before your call connects with the customer support executive at the airline.

Via email :

One can also drop an email to get help at Aer Lingus for their flight bookings apart from dialing the Aer Lingus phone number to get effective assistance with flight bookings. Compose an email and drop it on the customer support email address released by the airline to get a reply from the concerned team or department at Aer Lingus for help.

  • The maximum time taken by the customer support executive to reply to your email is 48 hours. Get a reply from the concerned professional at the airline to get support with your flight reservations at Aer Lingus.
  • Emailing is beneficial in refund-related and cancellation-related issues and complications as people are able to have a copy of the written conversation with the support executives from the airline.

People are able to connect with the support representatives to get proper solutions for their flight bookings via

  • Email:  
  • Email:   

Via Chat:

Aer Lingus does offer a chat option to travelers hence they are able to connect with the chat representatives at the airline for optimum support and assistance with their flight bookings.

  • One can initiate a chat by opening the chat window to get help and assistance for their flight bookings at Aer Lingus.
  • Navigate to the official website where you are able to find the chat option listed on the contact us page to offer support.
  • Visit:
  • Post your queries or you may select an option from the list of options to get dedicated support for your flight reservations at Aer Lingus.
  • A chat representative will join instantly to offer support to you as far as your booking is concerned.

You can also raise a callback request at the airline for help via the chat support option available at Aer Lingus.

Via Social Media:

Passengers can post content on social media and may tag @aitkenjamesroy to get a response from the concerned department for help and assistance.

One can communicate with the representative at the airline for ample support and effective assistance with a number of flight-related things such as cancellations, refunds, seat selection, baggage, check-in-related queries, etc.

Use the social media channels and support pages released by Aer Lingus to get help for your flight reservations. For instance, type your message and send it directly using Aer Lingus’ Instagram or Facebook account.

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