How can you select your seat on Virgin?

Virgin America provides a simple way to avail seat selection. You can go through the information below and learn what to pay for virgin America seat selection with a Virgin America flight ticket.

Updated guide on Virgin America seat selection information

Main cabin: you can say economy class seat to the main cabin. The seats are comfortable and having black leather. In terms of entertainment, you can access free television, movies, and music.

  • The airline also offers free chat; it allows you free in-flight texting. In Main cabin set assignments are not allowed, although paying some extra amount ranging from $10-$40, depending on your flight, you can call dibs on the window, aisle, or accessible exit seats.
  • You can also demand free food and also you have to for checked bags.

Main cabin select: The airline offers the main cabin select in the premium economy game. There is a guaranteed additional 5 inches of legroom with an extra $39 - $159.

  • The planes A319 and A320 can be the legroom can be 6 inches also. In the main cabin select, food and drinks are free. Apart from this, you can also carry one free checked bag.
  • With the main cabin select, you get complimentary in-flight amenities, priority securities, and boarding along with the ticket with virgin America booking. It selects offers excellent value for customers in the economy.

First-class: If you fly with first-class, you get 55 inches of legroom, with two free checked bags. In regards to food, you will get a selected menu of drinks and dining.

  • Moreover, you will also get all the in-flight amenities, security, and boarding amenities in the Main cabin selection. There is hardly any difference in perks, unless until you need extra le room.
  • The people who fly in the economy offer the best prices on first-class upgrades on the travel date.

So, when going ahead with Virgin America booking, you can keep the above points in your mind to avail yourself of the airline's seat selection.

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