How do I Get in Touch with Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait Airways is the national flag-carrier airline that provides the passengers with the best inflight services for domestic as well as international flights. The airlines provide passengers with the best comfort and the reliance for making the reservation and solve every grievance. If the passengers have any issues or need to enquire about something before making the reservation of your flight ticket, in that case, they can do it by connecting with the customer service agent of the airline. People always get confused about how do I talk to someone at Kuwait for any reliable help and assistance. The methods to connect with the customer service agent of the airlines are mentioned as follows.

How do I contact Kuwait Airlines? 

A passenger can dial to speak a live person at Kuwait Airways customer service 1-201-582-9200 and can get instant help and assistance from the support team.

Via Phone Call- One of the most old-fashioned ways to connect with the agent of Kuwait Airways is through phone calls, and still the most effective one. The given steps are required to be followed. Get onto the official website of Kuwait Airways and get onto the 'help' option mentioned on the top tab of the airline.

Once you get to the help page, you'll see the Kuwait airways phone number mentioned.

  • Dial the number, and you must follow the IVR instructions once connected
  • Press 1, to proceed in English.
  • Press 2, to proceed with the reservation.
  • Press 3, to proceed with the change of your flight ticket.
  • Press 4, to proceed with the cancellation and refund of the airline.
  • Press 5, to get medical assistance at the airport.
  • Press 6, if you wish to submit your feedback.
  • Press 7, to know the policies of the airlines.
  • Press 9, to talk to the representative of the airline.
  • Press 0, to go back to the main menu.

Once the agent connects with you, explain your query in detail, and he will provide you with the step by step assistance.

Via Live Chat:

If there is a long wait over call and you are running out of time in that case, you can connect with the airline's agent through live chat to connect with the airline's agent. The process to communicate with the airline's agent over chat is as follows

  • Get straight to the airline's official website and get onto the help page of the airlines.
  • Once getting onto the help page, scroll down to look for the chat icon mentioned on the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Via:
  • WhatsApp chat service: +965 22200171
  • Click on the chat icon, and the pre-fabricated dialogue box will appear on your screen.
  • Follow the auto-generated text, and once the text is completed, the airline's agent will contact you.
  • The agent will provide you with the professional assistance required to solve your issue over chat.
  • Once the issue is resolved, you may get asked to send feedback about your experience with the agent.

Via Contact form: The passenger is allowed to leave their feedback or send their query to the airline through the contact form. To submit the feedback to the airlines, they have to visit the airlines' help page, after which they'll find the contact form on the help page.

  • The passengers must fill out the complete details like the full name, phone number, email address, contact area(region), valuable comment, suggestion, or query and click on the submit button.
  • Once the form is submitted, you'll receive the confirmation in your email or text on your phone number.

Via Email- The passengers can get their flight itinerary or request a change in their advance booked flight ticket through the official email of the airlines. You can get the official email of the airline on the help page.

  •  All you need to do is draft a mail mentioning your query and send it to
  • You'll receive an auto-generated mail for the confirmation on your register mail.

Via Social Media- The most preferred way out of all, as people are usually very active on their social media accounts, the airlines try their best to cope with them. The passengers can submit their queries on the official social media page of the airlines. The link for the social media page of the airlines is mentioned here as follows.

Read the information below to learn how to connect with the customer service agent of the airlines.

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