How do I avail Turkish airlines flight change policy in COVID-19 Outbreak to reschedule journey

A Turkish airline is a national flag carrier of Turkey. Most Turkish residents prefer Turkish airlines to travel with. Many times it is seen that Turkish airlines provide policies that are favorable for their passengers that can make the travel more comfortable for the passengers. Flexible Turkish airlines change flight policy is one of such policies. Turkish airlines introduce the flexible change policy in COVID-19 so that the passenger can change their destination any time before departure without any penalty.

Guidelines to Turkish airlines flight change policy for a comfortable journey

  • On the official website, open the Turkish airlines manage booking section.
  • Enter the ticket number that you want to change and the last name.
  • Tap on the edit and change option and change the destination without any charges.
  • A new e-ticket will be sent on the registered email id.
  • If the ticket is changed, then the ticket change is not allowed to be made subject to the condition that the difference of the amount should be paid. In case the ticket is partially flown, then the change in the ticket for the different destination is made within the region only that is made specified by International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • The passenger needs to pay only fare differences in case changing of the ticket, not any cancellation charges as a penalty.
  • All the requests from changes can be made through various modes available like through sales office of Turkish, call center if the booking is made through a call center or online channels in case the international flight or if the passenger purchased the ticket from any agency and the agencies from which the ticket was purchased.
  • In case the tickets booking is made between 21 March 2020 - 31 December 2021, the passengers are allowed to make unlimited changes until 31 March 2022.
  • In case the passenger wants to cancel the ticket and wants to convert it into an open ticket, then he should cancel the previous ticket before the arrival of the flight.
  • If the passenger wants to change the ticket to an open ticket, then they need to cancel the ticket first by performing a cancellation procedure. Either they can call to Turkish airlines call center or any sales offices or maybe any ticket agency as the case may be from where the ticket is purchased.
  • If the ticket fare varies in terms of taxes, charges, or any other, then the passenger needs to pay the amount.
  • Flexible travel options are not applicable for the flight that is arriving at or from china.

Know Turkish airlines refunds, reimbursement, and compensation policy in COVID-19

  • Many times it is seen that the Turkish airlines need to cancel the flight due to some unavoidable circumstances due to which the Turkish airlines need to cancel the flight. So when such a situation arises, the Turkish airlines follow the EU law that allows the passengers to get compensation if the flight is delayed or cancelled. If they cancel the flight and the flight departs from the European airport, then the passengers are allowed to get a refund from the Turkish airlines.
  • The amount that is refunded by the Turkish airlines is up to US$700 (€600) per person as the compensation provided by the Turkish airlines, and it is in addition to the right to refund reimbursement or compensation.

Turkish Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

  • As the Turkish airlines follow the European law that provides the amount for compensation, reimbursement, or refund in case the flight is cancelled from their end and if the Turkish airline's flight is delayed, then as per the European law, the airlines should serve their passenger with the food, drink and also provides access to the communications
  • whenever the flight is delayed. In some instances, Turkish airlines provide the offer of accommodations and the replacement of the flights as the requirement may be. When the delay turns to the cancellation, then the passenger can request a refund too.

Turkish Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

  • In case the Turkish airline's flight is cancelled, then the Turkish passengers are allowed to claim the full amount of refund along with compensation in case the flight is cancelled less than 14days before.
  • Then the passengers can claim cancellation compensation depends on the passenger what they want to avail themselves or what suits them the most.

Flight Compensation and Air Passenger Rights

  • Turkish airlines provide the passengers of the Turkish airlines the right to claim compensation if the flight is delayed. The passengers can claim cancellation compensation or overbooking compensation from Turkish Airlines if Turkish Airlines is the reason for the problem or issue faced by the passenger.
  • The passengers can avail flexible change policy and claim for compensation in case the faulty is Turkish airlines.

How Much Turkish Airlines Flight Compensation?

  • The amount of compensation that the passenger can claim depends upon the distance if the flight is flying under 1,500 km, then the compensation that the Turkish Airlines are provided is up to  €250 per person.
  • If the internal Eu flight is over 1500 km, the amount of compensation is up to €400 per person.
  • In case non-internal EU flights lie between 1500 to 3500km, then the amount of compensation is up to €400 per person, and in case the flight is over 3500 kilometres, then the amount of compensation is up to €600 per person.

For more query contact customer service team of Turkish Airline

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