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In certain united states destinations and outside the united states, delta airlines offers an unaccompanied minor program. The Delta airlines umnr policy allows passengers to arrange a flight for their infants who need assistance from the airlines during travel. Here is the detailed guideline of the Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy given below for your reference.

Guidelines to avail Delta airlines umnr policy to travel safely reach destination 

Age at the Time of Travel

  • Infants older than two years of age and carried in the lap of passengers must show a ticket that is 10% of an adult ticket fare to board the flight. They must be accompanied by a passenger at least 18 years old or more.
  • Children who are two year old and needs a full seat must book at a regular fare price; however, the charges may differ with a specific country, and they are also required to be accompanied by more than 18 years of passenger.
  • The policy is the same for 2-4 year infants who need a full seat must pay the fare price and be accompanied by an adult passenger.
  • If your child is aged between 5 to 14, they can travel alone on a non-stop flight using the unaccompanied minor program of delta airlines.
  • Children of more than 15 years can travel alone and avail discounts on tickets that are subject to availability with the airlines.

What are the age restrictions on domestic and international flights?

  • Infants who are four years of age must be accompanied by an adult passenger of at least 18 years old as per the Delta children flying alone policy.
  • If your child is aged between 5 to 14 years, they are eligible to travel alone on a non-stop flight under the delta unaccompanied minor program. However, certain terms and conditions are applied to the travel of minors that you can check with the airlines.
  • If you are above 15 years and below 17 years old, you can also travel alone with delta airlines. The minor program will become an option for you.
  • What are the restrictions for minors traveling on connecting flights?
  • Unaccompanied infants aged 5 to 7 can travel alone on a non-stop Delta flight.
  • If your child's age is eight years or above 8, they are free to travel alone non-stop and connect flights with Delta Airlines.
  • Children who are eligible to board the connecting flights are not allowed to take the last connecting flight of the day as per the policy.

You can only book their connecting flights with KLM, Air France, and other delta flights.

 Unaccompanied Minor Program

  • The unaccompanied minor program facilitated by delta airlines allows infant passengers to board the flight and travel alone only if they are 15 or more than 15 years old. However, the same must be informed to the delta officials by the accompanied person to make your travel safe and correctly documented.


  • Unaccompanied minors are restricted to travel on a connecting flight that departs between 9 AM to 5 PM, as per the umnr policy. But there are some certain exceptional situations under which you are qualified to travel, such as:

International flights.

  • The flight that is flying to and from Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Domestic flights have a halt of fewer than 2 hours and are non-stop.
  • If the flight has only one connecting flight, which is also the last flight of that day.
  • Unaccompanied minors can not use the self-service check-in option to get boarding passes.

Drop-off and Pick-up

A special check-in counter at the airport allows the minor passengers to perform the check-in process. An adult must accompany unaccompanied child during check-in and the check-in time requirements are:

  • 90 minutes prior departure for domestic Delta flights.
  • 2 hours prior departure for international Delta flights.
  • Adults accompanying minors while check-in must carry a valid photo ID and provide contact information. The contact details of the adult who will pick up is also required, with the signed copy that states all the information provided by you is correct. In case of any modifications in the contact details of pick-up adult candidates, the same must be conveyed to the delta airlines agent.
  • The infant will be provided with a wristband to help identify at the destination point. Delta airlines advise passengers to arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled arrival time to pick up the child.
  • The pick-up adult must carry a gate pass and wait for the infant at the airport gate. After the check-in process, the drop-off adult must wait until the flight is airborne.


  • A fee of 150 USD/CAD/EUR onwards is charged for all the unaccompanied minors as a service fee for Delta Airlines' one-way flight. Passengers must pay the service fee for both connecting and non-stop flights at check-in time. In addition, only one price is charged on the four unaccompanied minors who are traveling together with delta airlines.

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