How do I choose my seat after booking a Malaysia airlines flight

Have you booked a flight with Malaysia Airlines, or are you planning to do so? If you are confused regarding its seating policy or both, then you have landed on the right page.

Preferred seat selection with charges at Malaysia Airlines:

  • Malaysia Airlines to charge for preferred seats in Economy class
  • It is charging it at the time of booking
  • Or at any time before the check-in.

This fee is waived off if you are flying in:-

(a) First Class

(b) Business Class

If you are an Enrich Platinum Member. This fee which is charged depends upon two factors

Departure zone, and   Arrival zone

  • It has a price bracket of
  • RM eleven to RM fifty for standard seats, and
  • RM twenty-two to RM one hundred fifty for emergency exit seats.
  • If you are looking for Malaysia airlines extra legroom seat then the price bracket for the lower deck is from-
  • RM fifty to RM two hundred

For upper deck- 

  • RM one hundred.
  • This sounds great from a revenue-generating point of view.
  • But is Malaysia Airlines going the budget airline way to survive in the aviation industry? What it does is it gives the flyers a point to switch to another competitor because why would someone pay for seat selection.
  • However, Malaysia Airlines is not the only airline to charge for seat selection.
  • KLM and Emirates are charging for seat selection as well.
  • Emirates is charging passengers depending upon the route distance and the type of aircraft during that flight.

Updated Malaysia seat selection policy: Avail for a comfortable journey

  • Seat selection is available for window, aisle, standard, emergency exit, extra legroom is available on A330 and A350 and on the upper deck in A380.
  • Applicable for domestic and international routes.
  • Unavailable for MASswings connecting flights and codeshare flights
  • The fee levied is non-refundable and non-transferable according to Malaysia airlines seat policy.
  • The currency quoted would be subject to the national currency.
  • Unavailable for differently-abled, children traveling alone, group bookings in case of more than nine persons.
  • Passengers traveling on emergency exit seats are bound by certain safety norms, which are as follows-
  • An adult who is above eighteen years of age has to be seated on such seats.
  • Children, either accompanied or unaccompanied, are not allowed.
  • Only fully-abled passengers are compulsorily required to be seated.
  • Who is able to follow safety-instructions
  • One who is not carrying an infant and pregnant women are in any case prohibited.
  • A passenger who is not intoxicated during check-in, boarding, and during the flight.
  • One who is reasonably fit and does not require an extended seat belt.
  • Able to understand the native tongue of Malaysia or English and the Safety Information card.

Malaysia Airlines reserves the right to-

  • Reallocate the seat to flyers who do not meet the above criteria. Fees paid are non-refundable except for travel originating from India.
  • Selected seats that are blocked off.
  • Such seats are subject to changes as per safety, security or operational reasons even after boarding the flight.
  • Seats which are paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Finally, such terms and conditions are applied whenever there is a change in any of the above scenarios.

If you have any query contact the customer service team for all solutions and have a safe journey.

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