How do I get refund on SpiceJet ticket cancellation

SpiceJet is an Indian low-cost airline that provides all kinds of amenities. It is ranked as the second-largest airline in the country. It provides you with world-class services within a given period. If you have canceled your flight, you will be entitled to the full Refund from the SpiceJet authorities within a given period for that traveler need to opt  SpiceJet refund policy.

Recommended guide to SpiceJet cancellation and refund policy to get a complete money back

What is the Zero Cancellation on SpiceJet?

Zero cancellation is add-on insurance facilitated by SpiceJet for passengers making reservations through different modes such as the SpiceJet website or mobile site. The product provides you the facilities or the Claim the reimbursement of cancellation.

How can a customer be able to enroll for zero cancellation for a SpiceJet flight .?

  • Firstly, do visit the official site of SpiceJet or their app.
  • Do select the preferred flight.
  • Do add on the product page select zero cancellation.
  • To Total, due amount, premium amount get added
  • Do make a to complete the purchase.
  • Do receive the policy documents from LGI on your email id.

While Claim a request following charges would be considered :

  • Convenience fees.
  • Any add-on purchase (For example, meats, seats, spicemax ).
  • Whatever price paid for zero cancellation or you can say Trip cancellation extension

Is  Zero cancellation fee is available for current SpiceJet Flights

  • Zero cancellation (Trip Cancellation Extension ).
  • You are easily able to domestic flight directly on its official sites.
  • The flight with departure time should not exceed 36 hours from flight seat booking and traveling date should not exceed more than 90 days from the date of flight booking

What documents are needed to Claim the Refund . ?

 To  claim a refund submit the following document

(A) SpiceJet Flight Ticket.

(B) Cancellation Confirmation along with refund amount received from SpiceJet.

(C) Policy Documents. (Do Attach the Documents ).

Frequently Asked Questions on SpiceJet cancellation and refund policy

I have already Booked my Ticket. Can I still add this product . ?

  • The product is available only in the booking flow, and it cannot be added once the flight ticket is booked and you are easily able to get its services which provide you the services as per the desires of the customers.

Know how to get refund amount against claim request raised

  • Customers will be entitled to the full Refund from SpiceJet (which includes convenience charges and add-on)through which you can quickly get its services that provide you the Refund against the and do claim the Refund.

Is there a schedule or timeline for getting  the complete ticket money

  • Yes claim needs to be submitted before ticket cancellation with Spice-jet, which should not exceed 10 days from the travelling date
  • ensuring you can get the most preferred services.

Till when Can you Cancel my Booking to Claim a Refund. ?

  • The SpiceJet cancellation policy if opting for booked flight must be made 24 hours before the scheduled departure time to file a claim, which provides you the most effective or efficient services to all its customers.

Can Being a Customer of Spice jet opt for the Passengers with them .?

  • Yes, you can opt for the add-on package for all the passengers on the PNR by adding it for all its passengers and by simply making the complete package, and you do have to make sure you can get the most preferred services to all its customers.

If I wish to make a reservation or book a round trip flight, can I take this product for both flights together .?

  • Yes, you can opt for either flights or only one flight in a round trip or multi-flight booking. You can opt for the round flight and get the reservation done on different journeys.

 If I won't able to board my flight?

  • If the customers have missed / her flight for whatever reasons, the amount paid for zero cancellation (Trip cancellation extension ) will be paid back as per the request for the passengers.

If not getting my Policy copy to whom should I talk to?

  • Once your reservation is done successfully, your policy copy is sent by Liberty General Insurance to the given email address where you make a reservation while making a booking.
  • There are several options through which you can easily make a contact call on their toll-free numbers and dial them down on their official email id. (You do have to make sure you can get the services from SpiceJet within a given period) .

I am Cancelling my Ticket Partially. Can I file the Claim?

  • Yes, you can file the Claim against the partial cancellation of the booked flight ticket, and you do have to make sure you can get the most suitable services as per the customers' desires.

Is for Non - Refundable Flights the Liberty Secure Travel Insurance a traveler can get or not.

  • Yes, Only for non-refundable flights Liberty secure travel Insurance cover is available

If you are still wondering how you can use SpiceJet cancellation and refund policy and to know what things you should keep in mind while using the SpiceJet services, You will be entitled to the full Refund from SpiceJet. You have to keep the above things in mind while utilizing the services of SpiceJet, which provides you with the most desirable services to all their respective customers. Apart from the above-written ways, if you do desire any additional information, you can make a call to their customer service centers and do avail of its services.

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