How do I use eVoucher on BA?

Many travelers have booked flight tickets with British Airways and due to the pandemic unable to board flights and finally cancel flights or delayed upcoming travel by Airlines authority. So in regard of this Airline has decided to provide credit vouchers to their passengers in the replacement of originally money spent for booking which British Airways calls a Future Travel or British Airways E-Voucher. A traveler can use either the full value of a voucher or some of it to pay for a less expensive booking. If somehow don't want to use all of it. So follow here all information to avail low fare comfortable journey

What is an e-voucher at British airways?

E-voucher is a type of voucher which allows a traveler to save money on an e-ticket which helps a passenger to save money on flight booking. A traveler at British Airways can use such e-voucher for flight booking and at last-minute seat booking in both economic and business class. The voucher money helps a traveler to save extra dollars which a passenger paid on reservations at in last-minute booking and get avail of low fares for travel to any destination across the globe.

How to use a British airways e-voucher?

If you have the British airways e-voucher, you can use it in the booking. Here are some steps to use an evoucher in booking:

  •  You have to select the flight to book the ticket with British Airways.
  •  Enter the required details and complete the booking processor.
  •  When you go to the payment option, you can enter the details of the voucher.
  •  Now, you will get a discount from the airlines.
  •  You will receive a confirmation on your registered email id.

Contact the airline:  If you cannot use the evoucher online, you can contact the airline and ask how to use the evoucher. The airline will guide you, and you can use the evoucher.

Will British vouchers have any “booking restrictions”  or ‘terms and conditions?

Flights booked with e-Vouchers will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the new booking. This means that the flight will go according to the date and time are shown on the voucher.  Here are some terms and conditions:  The evoucher is personal, and it is not for sale.

  •  You are allowed to use the evoucher on the booking of the flight tickets and the hotels.
  •  You cannot use the evoucher to upgrade the seats online.
  • The passengers are not allowed to combine the evouchers.
  • The airline would not be allowed to use the transfer of the evoucher on another name.
  • E-vouchers cannot be merged with different currencies to avail of British Airways flight booking.  

Looking to save fare on British Airways Flight journey - Avail makes use of British airways e-voucher

Q1: When does the British airways voucher expire?

Ans: The voucher will expire on its expiry date mentioned i.e 30 September 2023. Any journey a passenger booked using eVoucher must conclude – departure and return – by 30 September 2023.

Q2: What happens if you pay extra for seating or baggage?

Ans: If you require extra seating or baggage, you will get it after paying extra.  If you don’t require extra baggage or seating, you can ask the airline, and they will give you a refund.  The evoucher will include all extra seating, baggage, or meals.

Q3: If you used Avios to pay for part of a booking, can you still apply for a voucher?

Ans: Yes, you will receive a voucher equal to the original value of the booking, which includes cash and Avios. This voucher can be used to book future trips. You won't receive any Avios related to the original booking as a refund

Q4: What can you pay for with an evoucher?

Ans: You can pay with an evoucher for the flights. If you have the evoucher and think you can use it on the extra baggage or holidays, it will not be possible to use it on this. 

Q5: Can you use evoucher on any route?

Ans: Yes, you can use the evoucher on any route if you book the flight through the British Airways website. 

Q6: What do you need to use an evoucher?

Ans: To finish the registration process, you'll need the eVoucher number and the registered surname, and the email address. You can find all these details in your email.

Q7: Does the booking have to be made in your name?

Ans: No, eVoucher holders don't need to travel on a booking made using their eVoucher. For security reasons, bookings made within four days of departure must include all eVouchers holders.

Q8: Can you apply multiple vouchers to a booking?

Ans: Yes, you can apply vouchers to multiple bookings. E-vouchers can be issued directly from the customer service team or the website. 

Q9: Can you combine evouchers that are in different currencies?

Ans: No, you cannot currently combine evouchers issued in different currencies. 

Q10: What happens if you book a flight that’s cheaper than the value of an evoucher?

Ans: We will issue a new eVoucher to cover the difference. This voucher will be valid before you pay for the new booking, and it can be given to any passenger on the new booking.You will receive the new evoucher at your registered email address. 

Q12: What happens if you book a flight that’s more expensive than the value of an evoucher?

Ans: If you book a flight that’s more expensive than the value of an evoucher, you have to pay the difference.

So above information will help you to use the e-voucher at British airways for a comfortable journey

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