How a traveller can avail Malaysia airlines upgrade economy to business policy

"Malaysia Airlines" means Malaysia Airlines Berhad and its allowed assign and successor. "Member" means an individual who has bought a revenue ticket for a pure Malaysia Airlines run by Malaysia Airlines. "Enrich Miles" are the currency of Enrich programme and are the miles that may use to redeem for Enrich Awards. "Upgrade" means a swap in class from the service initially purchased for travel with Malaysia Airlines to one higher type of service. "Enrich Upgrade" means an upgrade redemption done by Member altogether, where 'Enrich Miles' is an addition to the amount paid for a revenue ticket bought. And exclude taxes, airport charges and other related and non-related carrier charges payable at the airport, all of which shall undergo by Member. These terms are frequently used below and are used to understand the words given below quickly. It may help you to understand the terms and conditions with ease when doing Malaysia airlines booking for travel to hometown or to any destination

Updated guide to Malaysia airlines upgrade economy to business policy for an enjoyable journey

An Enrich Member with enough Enrich Miles in their account can now redeem an upgrade from economy to the business class category under the 'Enrich Upgrade' tab by purchasing qualified economy class fare tickets to business class for their domestic travel.

  • 'Manage My Booking' online portal. So, Malaysia airlines upgrade economy to business policy can be done in the following ways. These conditions will apply:
  • 'Enrich Upgrade' offers redemption using Enrich Miles for a free upgrade from economy class to the business class via the 'Manage My Booking' page.
  • Only pure Malaysia Airlines flights can be raised to 'Enrich Upgrade' on domestic flights inside Peninsular Malaysia and joining Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.
  • There is no 'Enrich Upgrade' option available via 'Manage My Booking' for international flights.
  • Malaysia Airlines' document number 232 with carrier code 'MH' and flights operated by Malaysia Airlines are eligible for 'Enrich Upgrade' redemption.
  • 'Enrich Upgrade' is only applicable upon purchasing a confirmed Basic or Flex economy class fare ticket for upgrading to the next cabin class - Business class - with Enrich Miles.
  • Suppose the customers want to redeem enrich upgrade by using enrich miles for a domestic flight segment. In that case, Enrich Miles will apply on a segment basis per flight and for mixed domestic and international travel, enrich upgrade is applicable for domestic travel only.
  • By using enrich miles, members will benefit from enriching upgrades from economy class tickets to the higher premium class to business class.
  • Enrich upgrade is available on a first-come and first-serve basis and subject to availability of seats in business class.
  • When the children from age 02 – 12 years are traveling with an adult are also be eligible for availing enrich upgrade benefit subject to if the customer purchase a valid and qualified economy class ticket.
  • In the case of an Infant that is up to 23 months traveling from Economy to Business Class can also avail Enrich upgrade for the domestic flight segment if the adult who is traveling with infant already benefit enrich upgrade.
  • Malaysia Airlines keep on reviewing the eligibility of enriching upgrade on a fixed interval of time depends on market conditions, passenger load or seasonality.
  • On the redemption of Enrich Upgrade, members need to comply with the following-
  • The member should confirm with proof that he or she already attained the age of majority in their country of residence while opting for enrich upgrade.
  • The Member has a deemed authority to act on behalf of the person whose name is included for enrich upgrade booking and should be under terms and conditions. Member is also eligible to bind that person.
  • If there are two or more travelers in the booking, they are suitable for redemption of enriching upgrade individually using enrich miles. It is available on a single booking per person. Enrich Miles are calculated for passengers by multiplying the number of enriching miles required in the booking for the flight sector. When there is more than one person in booking or a group booking, then enrich upgrade will attract the whole group not for the single passenger even in case of a single booking under Malaysia airlines group booking policy. All members are required to go with enrich upgrade. In the case of split booking single passenger for an enriching upgrade with upgrade, premium is disallowed.
  • When the enrich upgrade is confirmed and success then the enrich miles that the member earned previously will be deducted from the member's account in which they were received. It is covered under Malaysia airline' upgrade economy to business policy. A document called An Electronic Manual Document receipt is issued to the member stating the number of enriching miles deducted for an enriching upgrade, and it will be sent on the member's email id provided at the time of booking.
  • On the successful redemption of enriching upgrade the members are eligible for credits of additional surcharges and taxes that were collected at the time of upgrade. If the member will not use enrich upgrade, then it is considered to be used as the payment of enriching upgrade is non-refundable . in any condition, refund is not allowed.
  • On the redemption of Enrich Upgrade' redemption members are entitled to the use of Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge with respect to the flight for which enrich upgrade is booked provides the valid boarding pass that acts as a supporting document to the members before access to the lounge is allowed.
  • For the redemption of the enriching upgrade, members are advised to manage to book my section on the official website up to 6hours before departure of the flight.

Some tickets are not allowed and eligible for Enrich Upgrade' under the 'Upgrade' online platform,

  • Namely Economy HFF lite fare ticket,
  • Enrich Full Miles redemption tickets,
  • Miles + Cash redemption tickets and Redemption Upgrade tickets,
  • Staff tickets, APT, AD, FTP, Government tickets,
  • Unaccompanied Minor and Young Passenger Travelling Alone,
  • Sponsor/Complimentary/Award ticket, MAS wings, and Firefly flights also include codeshare, Charter Flights, and Joint Services,
  • Malaysia Airlines flights issued on other airline tickets, Waitlisted tickets, Group tickets with booking class 'G,' Booking with Wheelchair Service.

For more information and query contact customer service team of Malaysia Airlines 

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