How a passenger opt for American Airlines Omicron COVID-19 policy

American Airlines is one of the safest airlines that endow you with significant advice for Coronavirus testing to make your travel experience safest every time. If you wish to travel to your favorite destination on American Airlines and looking for specific assistance with the COVID-19 test, you can get it at home and in-person test quickly.

Guideline to American Airlines COVID-19  policy to traveler’s

Suppose you want to know the COVID-19 test to save your travel efficiently. In that case, you are required to go through the American Airlines Coronavirus policy that assists you in securing your health while flying to your favorite location. Let's go through the policy systematically now.

At-home testing:

  • Go for the 48 hours turnaround time, and it will be done with a virtual visit by medical professionals.
  • This process can be done at your home using a test kit that you can purchase at $119 within at least five days before flight departure certainly.
  • The test kit can be delivered to a U.S. address to acquire appropriate tests before making a plan for flight journey.

In-person testing:

Care Now:

  • Go for the test by 150+ Care Now clinics in the U.S. you can quickly select the best flight on American Airlines.
  • You can get both rapid and PCR tests.
  • You have to pay $139 for rapid tests and receive results within 15 minutes decently.  

Go Health:

  • Go for the 150+ Plus Go Health location for a PCR or rapid test.
  • Select airports offer Go Health comes for a rapid test that shows results in 15 minutes.
  • In this section, your PCR tests result certainly comes in two to three days.    

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport:

  • Generally, the test is available later on security by Gate D7 and D40 and before security at Gate D22.

Test for returning to the U.S. From Abroad:

  • American Airlines provides you with a testing kit from different companies that you can use one day before returning to the U.S. efficiently. It provides you with various services to test, such as eMed, Optum, and Qured for specific results.  
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