How many kgs of baggage is allowed in Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines are one of the best airlines in the world. However when you decide to travel then you should be made aware of the baggage you can take on your flight. If you are worried about the baggage then this article will provide you with all the answers associated with Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance. All you have to do is to refer to the end.

How many free bags can I take on Ethiopian Airlines?- Know Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance, Policy, Fees

Carry On Baggage

The bags which you carry on the airplane with you are known as carry-on baggage. There are no restrictions on carrying a carry on baggage with Ethiopian Airlines. However, as per the Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy, you should follow certain luggage policies and rules to avoid any last-minute emergencies and additional costs at the airport as they are written below for your convenience.

  • As Ethiopian Airlines Carry on baggage  For Business class travelers, two pieces and each of them weighing 7 kg are allowed at no cost by the airlines.
  • For Economy class travelers, one piece with a maximum weight of 7kg is allowed for free by Ethiopian Airlines.
  • In both cases, the carry-on baggage should easily adjust in the placement in the overhead rack or under the traveler’s seat. The sum of the three-dimension (L+W+H) should not be beyond (23 x 40 x 55 cm)

As per the Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance, you can carry certain bags without any additional cost but the weight of these bags should exceed more than 5kg, the kind of bags which you can carry are as mentioned below:

  • Laptop, an umbrella, and a handbag
  • An overcoat, wraps, or blanket
  • Infant’s carrying basket
  • Infant’s food for consumption on the flight
  • A small camera or a pair of binoculars
  • Duty-free items
  • A reasonable amount of reading materials for the flight.
  • A fully collapsible wheelchair, a pair of crutches, braces, or other prosthetic devices for the passengers to use to provide support to themselves.

Checked baggage

For Domestics Flights

  • Passengers traveling to Domestics destination in business class have a maximum weight limit per single baggage of 32 kg.
  • And for economy travelers, it is 23 kg on all flights across the Atlantic whether outbound, return, or transfers.
  • As per the Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy, if your baggage is more than the weight stated then it will not be accepted by the airline.

Baggage Allowance & Fees for flights to/from the US and Canada

  • On the Ethiopian-operated flights, the first and the second checked bag are free in Cloud nine and Economy are free.
  • For ShebaMiles Gold, Shebamiles Silver and Star Gold travelers, the first checked bag above the ones that are allowed are also free of charge.
  • For Shebamiles Silver, 23 kg (50lbs) with a maximum dimension of 158 cm or 62 inches is allowed regardless of the class or the services you have opted to travel in.
  • For Shebamiles gold, 32 kg (70 lbs) with a maximum dimension of 158 cm or 62 inches.
  • And, if you are travelling on Cloud nine and Economy, including Shebamiles Gold, Shebamiles silver, and Star Gold passengers, the fee for additional checked bags is beyond the regular baggage charges of $160/bag each way between the USA/Canada Addis Ababa, between the Middle East and Asia and USA/Canada $250 per bag each way and for all the other points, the fee is USD 200 per bag each way.

Free Baggage Allowance

The transportation of a certain amount of baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft is included in your flight ticket. The allowances however are depended on the booking class and the destination.

  • The maximum weight limit in a single bag should not exceed 32 kg, for Ethiopian Airlines.
  • The sum of the three dimensions of your baggage should limit to 158 cm or 62 inches.
  • If your travel starts from the United States of America and your booked flight is a layover flight. So, if the first flight on your booking is not Ethiopian Airlines then different rules may apply to you.
  • Baggage will only be accepted for check-in only if it properly contains and prevents any damage to the contents. Light cardboard boxes, paper bags, and all the other non-durable materials are not acceptable. And if the passengers insist on carrying it then Ethiopian AIrlines will accept it under Limited Releases Tags, which states that the airline is not responsible for any damaged claim.
  • The items which may cause damage to other baggage will be refused by the airlines if they are not properly packed.
  • Domestic-In conjunction with international tickets will be required international allowances.
  • For infant allowance, 1 piece is allowed of 23 kg as per piece system, and 10 kg is allowed as per weight system. And, above all, a baby car and a baby stroller are allowed as long as the infant is on the plane.
  • A bag of 7 kg 1 pc is allowed for Economy flight and a bag of 7 kg 2 pcs for Business class. And, handbags should not be treated as checked-in bags.

So above information will help you to board safely 

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