Do I need a COVID-19 test to fly on Delta?

YES, the COVID-19 test before flying is essential for Delta Airlines because taking precautions before flying is very beneficial for other co-passengers in this pandemic situation. After getting the checkup done, only you know if Do I need a COVID test to fly on Delta or not for boarding Delta flights.

Avail updated guidelines to travel on Delta Airlines in Omicron Coronavirus Outbreak

What are the travel requirements for my trip?

  • The travel requirements for your trip are likely to be like providing the airlines the proof for the negative COVID-19 test before travel.

Which types of COVID-19 tests are required?

  • The universally accepted COVID-19 test is a molecular PCR test as you plan to travel with Delta Airlines. And in some particular destinations, other forms of NAAT tests and antigen tests are permissible.

When do I need to take the test(s)?

  • As you plan for the trip with Delta, then in such a situation, the passenger would have to consider one appropriate date and time before the departure to get results in hand for traveling permission.

Will I take the test(s) in person or at home?

According to government guidelines, before selecting an option, please note that some destinations do not accept in-home tests or also may not allow passengers to bring an in-home test into the destinations for U.S reentry purposes.

How Do I Submit My Results?

Negative Test Results

  • Passengers will have to bring their negative test reports to the airport and provide them when check-in for your flight. Now Delta agents will go through your COVID-19 report results accepted by your destination's government, and your test was taken within the appropriate time frame, etc.

Positive or No Test Results

  • If the passenger test result is positive, the airline strictly ordered to remain at home and contact your physician and follow CDC protocols. Or in case you have a confirmed COVID-19 case within the past 90 days, you can travel to the U.S, and if they present the positive test result before their travel, but at least 10 days since the test date, they will have to provide a letter from a public health official.
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