Delta airlines change and cancellation policy ? Avail refund now

You booked a flight via Delta Airlines but now need to cancel it? Bad health and weather don't notify you in advance, but now the emergency is here, and you need quick help. To apply for a refund, you must clear your doubts regarding the policy and refund amount. 

Recommended procedure for change or cancel a Delta Airlines flight for refund

  • In the 24 hours booking window, a refund is available on all cancellations. And except for basic Economy, all tickets can be changed.
  • Passengers can cancel/refund refundable tickets anytime before departure, free of cost, and get a full refund.
  • Basic Economy class is not allowed any flight change. The cancellation fee is deducted from the ticket price and can be $99 to $199. The airline refunds the remaining amount.

Delta's 24-hour cancellation period

  • People who are frequent flyers know what a 24-hour cancellation policy means. But since this too can change from airline to airline, you should note the details of Delta Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy beforehand.
  • This policy states that people who cancel the ticket within 24 hours of cancellation are eligible for a complete refund(even Economy class) without any fee deduction.
  • You must keep in mind that you cancel the ticket before midnight of the day following your purchase or midnight right before the date of departure. Out of the two, whichever comes first. 
  • Also, if you make this cancellation less than seven days from the date of departure, then you may be liable for an extra fee.

Refundable ticket change and cancellation policy

  • You must come across the term refundable and nonrefundable tickets when you book your tickets. As per the Delta Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy, both types are refundable when canceled within 24 hour period of booking and seven days before the departure. 
  • Refundable tickets are the ones that quickly return your booking amount when you cancel them.
  • Delta airline provides online forms that passengers can submit for refund or flight change. You can apply for a refund after you submit a cancellation request. The refund amount will go back into the original account used at payment. Passengers are also eligible to apply for a refund on unused flight services. You can submit the request through the website or ask a Delta support executive for help. If a travel agency is responsible for your booking, they are responsible for your flight change and refund.

Delta Basic Economy change and cancellation policy

  • Traveling in the Economy does not sound that appealing other than the fact it costs less. Unless you are sure you can cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, the Delta Airlines cancellation policy tells you not to hope for a full refund. Economy class has restrictions on refunds and flight changes. Other than the 24 hours risk-free cancellation, Delta Airlines does not provide any other services in Economy class.

Delta Non-refundable ticket change and cancellation policy

When a ticket is nonrefundable, you can not expect a full refund, but you can get some portion of the original payment back. This payment is made in credit to your account with Delta Airlines. You can use this credit amount for making reservations in the future.

  • As per policy the Delta Airlines cancellation policy, the main cabin, and all the options above it, are not charged any cancellation fee.
  • For non-refundable tickets, flight change is not an option. Under special circumstances, as per the policies, some passengers may be able to avail different services by producing authentic paperwork.

How to change or cancel your Delta flight?

All the tools you need for the said process are available on the website.

  • Open the Delta website. If you are already logged in, our details will be visible; if not, you need to find your flight.
  • You will need your confirmation number. This is always present in the confirmation mail sent to your email at booking.
  • The Delta Airlines cancellation policy says you can also use credit/debit card details to log in.
  • Enter the confirmation number and your first and last name to log in. After this, enter the red arrow in front to log in.
  • After locating the trip, another red button that reads 'Modify Flight' is visible at the top of the flight information. 
  • This opens a window with the 'Start Flight Change' and 'Start Flight Cancellation' options. Select your preference, and follow the pop-up instructions.

For assistance, dial the Delta customer care number; executives are well trained and will b happy to help you.

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