How Calafia Airlines check-in and boarding makes enjoyable trip

Some of the passengers who travel for the first time with the flight have many queries in their minds. The main thing they want to know is the boarding process. If you are traveling with Calafia Airlines, you need to worry because we provide you with the Calafia airlines check-in process systematically.

Guidelines to know Calafia Airlines boarding and check-in for safely trip  

Don't forget anything

  • You need to carry all the essential documents like your identity card, ticket, passport boarding pass, etc. These documents are required to be at the airport.

Check-in your baggage

  • When you are at the airport, you need to find the departure terminal and go to the Calafia airlines counter with the original documents like id card, boarding pass, and reservation code.
  • The process starts before 2 hours of your flight timings, always remember you can carry 25 kilograms of luggage and 10 kilograms in your handbag. This is the familiar figure of luggage.
  • You can carry only 100 ml of liquid more than 100 ml will go in the check-in baggage. The main thing is that once you check your luggage, you cannot add anything to your luggage.  

Airport security

  • After the check-in process is complete, you have to go to a security check-in where your hand baggage goes through a security check with an x-ray, and you need to go through a metal detector.
  • You need to put all the metallic material you are carrying in a tray and pass through a metal detector until the security personnel allows you to go.
  • Laptops and tablets are also checked by the security separately, and you need to follow the given instruction given by the security personnel.

To the waiting room

  • You need to go to the flight section and check in with your boarding pass.
  • Remember that the waiting room is open only before 45 minutes of the flight departure.

Time to board

  • Now you are in the boarding room, and you need to wait for the Calafia airlines representative to make an announcement.
  • Once your boarding start, you need to keep in hand the boarding pass and the official id, and after this, you need to follow the given instruction provided by the Calafia airlines representative.

Lets fly

  • After this, you can come on the flight; now you need to find out seat according to your seat number, put your handbag in the cabin compartments, tie your seat belt, and fly safely.
  • The passenger can quickly know the Calafia airlines boarding procedure by following the above process. Still, if any query is left, then you can contact the official representative of Calafia airlines.

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