Avail best days to flight booking at cheaper fare in 2021-2022

Everyone knows that flight booking could give the passengers a tough time as the fares keep on fluctuating. The change in fares could make a major difference, and it all depends on specific factors like season, festivals, time left in the journey, etc. It's better to book in advance to get an affordable deal. According to Best day of the week to book a flight 2021 As per the data collected, the passengers do a lot of searches before making the actual reservation. 

Guidelines to know which day of the week is the best day to book a flight- Avail to know everything here 

Before booking your flight tickets, make sure to do the math which means, passengers should try to compare the prices from different airlines. They should check for the fare prices on different websites. You can also compare the extra charges applicable to the total fare price. Make sure to check if the airline is charging more for seat selection, baggage, etc.

Book flights on a weekend 

  • The best day to buy the air tickets as per research and study is weekends. So before booking your flight reservation, try to wait for Saturday and Sunday as the ticket prices usually go down on weekends.

Start travel on Thursday or Friday 

  • As booking a ticket is advised to do on weekends, so it's totally opposite in the case of traveling with any specific airline. So if someone is confused about what day of the week is best to book a flight, then the answer is Thursday and Friday. Try to schedule your journey on Thursday and Friday as the fare prices are lower for these two particular days of the whole week.

Extend your weekday trip into Sunday 

  • Passengers could save up to 25 to 50 percent of their money spent on flight booking if they extend their weekday trip into Sunday. As per the data, almost three-quarters of the weekday-only flights could be saved if the journey duration is being extended till Sunday. 

How to maximize your rewards

Passengers can maximize their rewards by using a few credit cards that prioritize what's important for them. Below down are some of the picks that once could consider:

  • Passengers can use chase sapphire's preferred card to get a large bonus, point transfer feature, and ultimate rewards on the next booking.
  • You don't need to pay an annual fee by using the bank of America travel rewards credit card.
  • One can use capital one venture rewards credit that promises to provide a flat-rate reward on booking.
  • The platinum card of American express can let you enjoy the luxury perks of the airlines.
  • Ink business preferred credit card is beneficial for business travelers. 
  • Chase sapphire reserve card users can get a lot of perks like bonus travel reward points and high-end offers. 

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